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Electrically Conductive Adhesives

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APTEK® 2210-A/B

Urethane Adhesive

Silver-filled, low modulus, low outgassing, urethane adhesive. Excellent adhesion to ceramic, metal and PCB substrates.
APTEK 2214-A/B

Urethane Adhesive

Space-grade, low modulus, low outgassing, Brushable, urethane ESD coating/adhesive. RT or low heat cure. Surface resistivity 4x106 ohms/square.

Hybrid Urethane Adhesive

Snap-cure, one component, low modulus, low stress, silver-filled adhesive. Wide temperature operating range: -75 to +270°C (under N2). Service temperature up to 175°C (air).

Hybrid Epoxy Adhesive

Snap-cure, silver-filled; long pot-life/stable viscosity-excellent for robotics. Thermal shock resistant.
APTEK 2713-A/B

Silicon Adhesive

Low modulus silicone adhesive. Very low Tg for excellent temperature cycling performance. Available premixed-frozen, or in convenient 1:1 dual cartridge kits.
APTEK 2717-A/B

Silicone Adhesive and/or ESD Coating

Two-component, black, low modulus, thixotropic, silicone adhesive displaying very low temperature flexibility and good physical strength properties. Designed to fully cure at room temperature and can be accelerated with a brief low temperature cure. This 100% solids system has been manufactured with highly pure resins to minimize the occurrence of ionic contamination without outgassing during cure or service.

Epoxy Adhesive

Ultra-high ionic purity, silver-filled, meets requirements of MIL-A-87172, very low residual gas analysis. Available with gold filler.

Epoxy Adhesive

Snap-cure, silver-filled, one–component;>20 hr flat-line viscosity-ideal for robotics;15 minute full cure @ 150°C.
APTEK 6516-A/B

Epoxy Adhesive

General purpose, electrically conductive adhesive. Convenient 1/1 PBW or PBV mix ratio. RT or heat cure.
APTEK 6521-A/B

Epoxy Adhesive

Carbon-filled, thixotropic, two component, electrically conductive, high strength epoxy coating/adhesive designed to dissipate an electrostatic charge. This low-outgassing system provides high strength over a wide temperature range.

Notes: The data shown are typical and are not recommended for specification purposes. Consult Aptek Technical Service for more information. These products represent part of our product line. To request other products specification qualifications and further data, please contact us. Refer to product Technical Data Sheets for complete characteristics and properties.