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UV Cured Adhesives

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Urethane Acrylate Adhesive

UV-cured, semi-rigid, clear, one component, RT stable, adhesive for bonding polycarbonate, ABS, and glass substrates. Very fast curing for high production throughput. Thixotropic version available for component staking, bonding and doming applications designated as UVISTAKE 7207.

Urethane Adhesive

UV-cured, unfilled, one component, electrically insulating, transparent, flexible urethane adhesive designed for bonding polycarbonate, ABS, glass and other various substrates. Thixotropic version for staking and bonding components available upon request.

UV Urethane Adhesive/Coating

Higher strength/modulus version of UVIKOTE 7504LM-PMF. Castable/brushable viscosity. Good adhesion to glass; passes NASA outgassing requirements. Thixotropic version available as UVIBOND 7107T-PMF

Urethane Adhesive

UV-cured. Cures in shaded areas. Excellent adhesion to ceramics, metals, and plated substrates. Available in easy-to-use syringes.

Urethane Adhesive

UV-cured, one component, RT stable, electrically insulating urethane adhesive. Excellent adhesion to metal and plastic PCB substrates.

Notes: The data shown are typical and are not recommended for specification purposes. Consult Aptek Technical Service for more information. These products represent part of our product line. To request other products specification qualifications and further data, please contact us. Refer to product Technical Data Sheets for complete characteristics and properties.