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Specialty Products

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Hybrid Epoxy BGA Underfill

One-component, premixed-frozen, mineral filled, electrically insulating flexible underfill. It is designed to flow underneath BGA devices via capillary action and dissipate device-generated heat. Read a client test case article.
APTEK 2711

Urethane ESD Coating

Inorganic, low outgassing, thermally radiative ESD white paint. Specially designed for very high temperature space applications.
APTEK 6103-A/B

Epoxy Encapsulant

Optoelectronic grade, reddish black encapsulant for IR LED discreets. Transparent to IR light while blocking out visible light.
APTEK 6513-A/B

Epoxy Adhesive

Two-component, semi-rigid, paste adhesive for bonding to steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, glass, ceramics, brass, and a variety of plastics. Designed to fully cure at room temperature or accelerated with moderate heat.

Notes: The data shown are typical and are not recommended for specification purposes. Consult Aptek Technical Service for more information. These products represent part of our product line. To request other products specification qualifications and further data, please contact us. Refer to product Technical Data Sheets for complete characteristics and properties.