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When our customers are surveyed about Aptek’s customer service, they all strongly agree that…

• Aptek responds to my requests for quotes and general information in a timely manner.
• Aptek employees are courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.
• Aptek responds to technical service questions in a satisfactory and timely manner.
• They are satisfied with their overall experience with Aptek.

When our customers are surveyed about Aptek’s product-related aspects, they all strongly agree that…

• Aptek delivers product according to confirmed ship date.
• Aptek products conform to purchase order and quality requirements.
• Aptek products are reliable and display good consistency from batch to batch.



Thank you so much for getting this turned around so quickly. This is a thorough investigation addressing all of my concerns.  I appreciate all you and your team at Aptek have done to help us understand the capabilities of this coating. ~  K.M .

I have no issues.  Aptek is always helpful and expedites to our demand when we incur shortages. ~  G.O.

Customer service is top notch and there are no quality issues to speak of. When emergency needs arise Aptek always tries to find a way to help. ~  T.A.

I especially thank your kind Technical Service representative. She helped me with my technical needs in a very quick manner. ~  E.B.

As ALWAYS, we appreciate Aptek’s support and assistance, provided to us. ~  Y.N.

Aptek has always provided great service and products to our company! ~  S.T.

Nothing but great praises to the Aptek team! ~  D.J.

Thank you for your efficient and courteous service as always, it is a pleasure to work with you. ~  L.

No suggestions, just wanted to say you all bend over backwards for us and I appreciate your level of caring and commitment to supporting your customers always. Thank you. ~  D.J.

I am very pleased with the responsiveness and support that we have received from Aptek and all its employees. –  M.E.

Aptek’s Technical Service has provided outstanding technical knowledge of Aptek products and quality customer service. –  K.M.



We THANK the Aptek Team for all your hard work and continuous support! We appreciate your efforts when it comes to our requests for improved delivery. ~  Y.N.

I have never had any issues with Aptek.  Everyone is super helpful and even proactive to our needs/demands.  I deal with a lot of customer service people in a lot of organizations and Aptek is top tier! ~  G.O.

When I deal with Aptek’s Customer Service for my orders, they are fast, efficient and friendly!! ~  D.C.

They have great customer service. ~  V.A.



We have been working with Aptek’s Customer Service for many years, and they have been very supportive, in handling our account. We are grateful for all their hard work and efforts. ~  Y.N.

I have never had a negative experience with this vendor. ~  A.

Just wanted to note that Aptek provides outstanding customer service and it’s always a pleasure working with them. ~  J.N.

When I place my orders with Aptek their response time and overall customer service is amazing. ~  D.C.

I have never had anything but positive interaction with Aptek.  Aptek’s Customer Service is always helpful and works with me to expedite product as needed. ~  G.O.

Aptek is always giving a professional and efficient service, always polite and courteous, we are very happy with this supplier. ~  L.G.

Aptek’s performance has always been outstanding, I don’t see any areas that need improving. ~  C.G.