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Premixed-frozen, thermally conductive, low modulus re-workable hybrid urethane BGA (Ball Grid Array) underfill


DIS-A-PASTE 2150-PMF is a one component, premixed-frozen, mineral filled, electrically insulating flexible underfill. It is designed to flow underneath BGA devices via capillary action and dissipate device-generated heat. This unique underfill is flexible and will not impart excess stresses to the BGA during temperature cycling and operational life.
Due to its flexibility, it is easily repairable by mechanical methods.

DIS-A-PASTE 2150-PMF is a 100% solids, solvent free system that will not form voids during cure or outgas after being fully cured.


• Flexible for ease of repairability.
• Low viscosity and surface tension to allow for penetration into clearances of 0.010”
• Long pot life, and snap cure for production friendly handling.
• Low modulus to minimize stress to sensitive components and ceramic substrates
• Can withstand 125ºC continuously, with intermittent exposures up to 175ºC