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UV Curing, Low Outgassing, Urethane Staking Compound


UVISTAKE 7205LM-PMF is 100% solids, thixotropic, one component, premixed frozen electrically insulating, urethane system designed for the attachment and staking of electrical/electronic components mounted on printed circuit boards. This system provides an excellent combination of flexibility and strength for demanding applications where toughness is required for the management of thermomechanical stresses.

UVISTAKE 7205LM-PMF will become tack free when exposed to the proper UV light radiation. The staking compound will fully post cure in exposed and shaded areas in 14 days at 25°C and 50% relative humidity, as an alternative, the post cure for the staking compound in both exposed and shaded areas may be accelerated with low to moderate heat.


• Multicure mechanism for complete cure in shaded areas underneath components
• Good flexibility for reduced stress in the encapsulation of sensitive glass-bodied components
• Meets NASA condensable volatile requirements for high vacuum environments (when WVR is subtracted from TML and material post-cured to allow moisture to fully leave system)
• Highly reversion resistant for good physical stability under high heat and humidity environments
• Excellent adhesion to plastic/metal components and substrates.
• Packaged in syringes for convenient dispensing. Plungers available for hand operation or pneumatic-type syringes for automated dispensing. • No TDI, no toxic solvents, no free acrylic acid for safety
• Complete companion UV product line available:

• UVIKOTE 7503LM-PMF – low viscosity, sprayable version for circuit board coatings of ≤3 mils
• UVIKOTE 7504LM-PMF – 100% solids for thicker applications like back-side solder joint encapsulation
• UVIKOTE 7503LM Thinner – non-photosensitive, non-aromatic
• UVIKOTE 7503LM Stripper – low viscosity removal of cured coating/adhesive for repair operations
• UVIKOTE 7503LM Stripper Gel – thixotropic version for localized removal of cured coating/adhesive