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APTEK 2217/0.005-PMF

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Low Modulus Urethane Electrically Conductive, ESD, Adhesive


APTEK 2217/0.005-PMF is a carbon-filled, thixotropic, single component, pre-mixed frozen, electrically conductive, flexible urethane coating/adhesive designed to dissipate an electrostatic charge. This system provides a combination of high flexibility and good tensile strength/elongation characteristics.


• Capable of full cure at RT for application where heat cure is not desired or possible
• Non-TDI based for safety
• Excellent reversion resistance for good physical stability under high heat and humidity environments
• Tg BELOW -50°C for excellent low temperature cycling, storage and performance
• Excellent substrate adhesion; superior to silicones
• Available in pre-measured kits to minimize handling
• Contains 5 mil spacer beads for a uniform bondline