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Electrically insulating urethane film


DAT-A-THERM 1000 is a tough, flexible, void free, electrically insulating urethane film designed to fill air gaps and dissipate heat between devices and substrates.

DAT-A-THERM 1000 film is a 100% solids, fully crosslinked (C-staged), thermoset urethane polymer, which will not outgas, while in place and is suitable for high vacuum environments. The film exhibits outstanding reversion resistance and physical stability under long-term aging of high humidity and heat. The ultimate in thermal conductivity and overall performance can be achieved by bonding  DAT-A-THERM 1000 film to device and substrate with  DIS-A-PASTE 2000A/B and 2001 PMF thermally conductive urethane adhesives. Both film and adhesive system are compatible in resin and filler technologies and have been designed to be used together.


• Uniform filler distribution for consistent thermal dissipation capability throughout film segment
• Controlled manufacturing process for a void free film
• Low modulus/high elongation for minimum stress buildup under components
• Low Tg – remains flexible to -70°C
• Exceeds NASA outgassing requirements for high vacuum environments
• Typical film thickness, 0.004 to 0.006″. Custom thicknesses available.
• Available in sheet or die-cut forms