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General Purpose Adhesives

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APTEK 2206-A/B
Urethane Adhesive
Water clear urethane adhesive designed specifically for bonding polycarbonate and other plastic substrates. Convenient 1:1 PBW or PBC mix ratio. Room temperature or accelerated heat cure.

APTEK 2209-A/B
Urethane Adhesive
Water clear, non-yellowing, UV resistant, urethane adhesive. 1/1 PBW or PBV mix ratio. Excellent adhesion to LEXAN (Polycarbonate) without cracking or crazing.

APTEK 2216-A/B
Hybrid Urethane Adhesive
Two-component, off white, low modulus, thixotropic adhesive displaying flexibility and good physical strength properties. Designed to fully cure at room temperature and can be accelerated with a brief low temperature cure.

APTEK 6513-A/B
Epoxy Adhesive
Two-component, semi-rigid, paste adhesive for bonding to steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, glass, ceramics, brass, and a variety of plastics. Designed to fully cure at room temperature or accelerated with moderate heat.

APTEK 6528-A/B
High-Peel Epoxy Adhesive
Two component, flexible, high peel strength epoxy adhesive designed to adhere well to metal surfaces. When cured, developes excellent peel strength to difficult metal substrates like stainless steel and titanium.

APTEK 6533-A/B
Space-Grade Epoxy Adhesive
A two-component, thixotropic, semi-rigid, blue, electrically insulative, high strength epoxy adhesive designed to cure at room temperature or can be accelerated with moderate heat. Available in bulk kits, dual dispense/mix cartridges, and pre-mixed and frozen syringes.