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Mil Spec Conformal Coatings for NASA outgassing

Select a Mil Spec Conformal Coatings for PCBs which meet NASA outgassing requirements   product:

APTEK 2503-A/B
Urethane Conformal Coating
Tough, flexible conformal coating. QPL listed to MIL-I-46058C and SCD 6528981. Repairable. Excellent adhesion. APTEK 2503 Thinner, Stripper, and Repair kits available.

APTEK 2503-A/B High Solids
Urethane Conformal Coating
A lesser solvated (higher solids) version of APTEK 2503-A/B for touch-up, brush-on applications.

Repair Kit
Premeasured conformal coating repair kit ready to use. Fully compatible with APTEK 2503-A/B. Easily brushable.

APTEK 2512-A/B
JP-10 resistant, urethane conformal coating
Tough, flexible, transparent conformal coating designed to be resistant to JP-10 jet fuel. Has a high degree of UV resistance. QPL listed to MIL-I-46058C.

UV Urethane Conformal Coating
A low viscosity, two component, electrically insulating, hydrolytically stable, transparent, urethane coating designed for the encapsulation and protection of electrical/electronic components mounted on printed circuit boards. This system provides an excellent combination of flexibility and low modulus for demanding applications where the management of thermomechanical stresses is required. This   coating will become tack free when exposed to the proper UV light radiation. The coating will complete full cure in exposed and shaded areas when post-cured, either via at room temperature or may be accelerated with low to moderate heat.

UV Urethane Conformal Coating
UV-cured, low modulus, shadow cures under components. Excellent adhesion without primer. Repairable. Qualified to MIL-I-46058C, types UR and AR. Castable version – UVIKOTE 7504 LM-PMF.

UV Urethane Conformal Coating
A lesser solvated version of UVIKOTE™ 7503LM-PMF for curtain coating applications where only a small amount of atomization occurs during the spray process.

UV Urethane Coating/Encapsulant
UV-cured,100% solids version of UVIKOTE 7503 LM-PMF. Castable/brushable viscosity for higher coating build-up. QPL listed on MIL-I-46058C, types UR an AR.

Notes:  The data shown are typical and are not recommended for specification purposes. Consult Aptek Technical Service for more information. These products represent part of our product line. To request other products specification qualifications and further data, please contact us. Refer to product Technical Data Sheets for complete characteristics and properties.