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APTEK 6113-A/B2

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• Electrically insulative, epoxy, potting compound
• Low-shrinkage/mass castable
• High chemical resistance
• Operating temperature up to 240°C


APTEK 6113-A/B2is a black, rigid, tough, two component, mineral-filled, electrically insulative, low-shrinkage epoxy system specifically designed for the potting of larger electrical units like motor stators and transformers.

When properly mixed, handled, and cured APTEK 6113-A/B2will withstand wide temperature range excursions with a minimal tendency to crack, distort, or impart stress to wires/components.


• Longer pot-life version to provide an extended length of time for detailed potting applications
• Very good high heat resistance to 240°C; capable to withstand excursions up to 280°C with minimum degradation in long term operation.
• Low shrinkage – imparts minimum stress to electrical units during gelation when properly cured.
• Excellent chemical resistance even at high temperatures – especially effective in hot oils.
• Displays excellent temperature cycle resistance to minimize the chance of cracking during the life time of the part.
• Excellent adhesion to most metal and plastic substrates – no primer required.
• Pre-measured kit eliminates weighing for convenience.