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APTEK 6519-A/B

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Low CTE, low outgassing, syntactic foam compound


APTEK 6519-A/B is a light weight, rigid, filled, dark gray, two component, room-temperature curing, epoxy syntactic foam designed to meet Boeing Satellite Systems specification SCGMS 58001.

APTEK 6519-A/B is a 100% solids, solvent-free system that will not outgas during cure or after being fully cured.


• Non-flow paste consistency for repair of vertical surfaces
• Trowelable for edge filling and repair of cracks, scratches, and defects. Also useful for the densification of honeycomb cores.
• Capable of complete cure at room-temperature to eliminate the need for ovens
• Excellent adhesion to syntactic and various metal surfaces
• Exceeds NASA outgassing requirements for high vacuum environments