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• Thermally conductive, low modulus, electrically insulating hybrid epoxy film adhesive


DAT-A-THERM 1303-B/C/B-SPis a low modulus, flexible, void free, electrically insulating hybrid epoxy film adhesive designed to bond dissimilar components and substrates. This B/C/B system is designed to manage stresses developed from mismatches of thermal expansion coefficients during temperature cycling as well as to dissipate heat generated from components and circuitry.

DAT-A-THERM 1303-B/C/B-SPtechnology incorporates a partially-cured (B-staged) adhesive on both faces of a fully-cured (C-staged) ultra low modulus film. DAT-A-THERM 1303-B/C/B-SPfilm is a 100% solids, thermoset polymer, which will not outgas, while in place and is suitable for high vacuum environments. The film exhibits good reversion resistance and physical stability under long-term aging of high humidity and heat.


• The -SP or small pattern version has a smaller diamond pattern of B-staged adhesive for smaller die-cut pieces
• Low modulus/high elongation for minimum stress buildup under components
• Low Tg – remains flexible to -70°C
• Exceeds NASA outgassing requirements for high vacuum environments
• Typical cured film thickness, 0.008” to 0.012″. Custom thicknesses available.
• Low tack adhesive layer allows for easy placement and, if needed, repositioning on assemblies
• Reworkable to recover costly components and substrates
• Usable out-time after thaw is 8 hrs @ RT for improved handling convenience with no degradation of