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Premixed-frozen, snap-cure, electrically conductive, adhesive


APTEK 2313-PMF is a one component, premixed-frozen, silver-filled, electrically conductive polymer paste adhesive. It is designed to bond many dissimilar substrates and dissipate device generated heat.
APTEK 2313-PMF is a 100% solids, solvent free system that will not form voids during cure or outgas after being fully cured.
APTEK 2313-PMF has excellent reversion resistance and physical stability when subjected to high heat and humidity environments. This system displays higher ionic purity than epoxy systems minimizing the possibility of corrosion on components and circuitry.


• Production-oriented, snap-cure technology for surface mount applications – allows cure during solder reflow operation.
• High thixotropy “tack” strength – holds components with minimal “Z” axis movement during cure
• Stable viscosity for over 4 hours at RT – ideal for robotics
• Low Tg (<-50°C) for excellent low temperature cycling and performance with minimal stress
• Excellent substrate adhesion; superior to silicones: no primer required
• Wide temperature operating range: -50°C – +260°C in an inert atmosphere (i.e. under N2) and -50°C – +170°C in air.