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APTEK 2503-A/B

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Low modulus urethane conformal coating


APTEK 2503-A/B is an unfilled, two component, electrically insulating, transparent, flexible urethane coating system designed for the encapsulation and protection of electronic devices mounted on printed circuit boards. For coating applications that require toughness, this system provides a combination of excellent flexibility and optimum tensile strength/elongation characteristics.


• Qualified to Mil-I-46058CIPC-CC-830C, and  SCD 652898
• Non-TDI based for safety
• Excellent reversion resistance for good physical stability under high heat and humidity environments
• Tg BELOW -70°C for excellent low temperature cycling, storage and performance
• Excellent substrate adhesion; no primer needed; superior to silicones
• Exceeds NASA outgassing requirements for high vacuum environments
• Fluoresces under black-light (UV) to facilitate QC inspection of coating coverage
• Low viscosity and long work life for spraying or dipping operations
• Complete ancillary product line — APTEK 2503 Thinner, APTEK Stripper, APTEK 2503R A/B Repair Kit