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APTEK 2205-A/B

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• Low modulus urethane staking compound
• Pre-measured kits


APTEK 2205-A/B is a thixotropic, two-component, electrically insulating, low modulus urethane system designed for the staking of electrical/electronic components to printed circuit boards. Although  APTEK 2205-A/B is capable of achieving full cure at room temperature, a short term exposure to moderate heat will greatly reduce processing time
and optimize cured properties.


• Provided in easy-to-use pre-measured kits to minimize handling and processing
• Good wet strength holds components in place allowing for the movement of the circuit boards during processing
• 100% solids, solvent free system that will not form voids during cure or service life
• Low Tg for excellent low-temperature cycling and performance
• Very good substrate adhesion; superior to silicones