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APTEK 6531-A/B

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• General purpose, electrically conductive epoxy adhesive


APTEK 6531-A/Bis a two component, 100% solid, silver filled electrically conductive epoxy adhesive specifically designed for the attachment of electrical/electronic components to printed circuit boards. Aptek 6531-A/B is a tough, flexible adhesive which displays excellent adhesion to various metal, ceramic and P.C. board substrates.


• Reaches 90% of properties in 48 hours at 25°C (77° F)
• Smooth, thixotropic consistency for easy handling and minimum sag. Ideal for machine stamping and syringe dispensing applications.
• Tough, flexible system which provides good temp cycle performance compared to rigid epoxy systems
• Contains no diluents or solvents to minimize formation of voids during cure.