A P T E K L A B O R A T O R I E S , I N C


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• Low modulus urethane
• Water clear
• UV resistant
• Re-enterable


APTEK 2128-A/Bis a two component, water clear, electrically insulating urethane system designed for the potting and encapsulation of electronic components, substrates, and active chips. This is 100% solids, solvent free system that will not form voids during cure or service life.

APTEK 2128-A/Bis a non-TDI based urethane system which has outstanding reversion resistance and physical stability when subjected to high heat and humidity environment. As a urethane, this system displays higher ionic purity than epoxy systems minimizing the chance of corrosion around sensitive components and circuitry.


• Low modulus to minimize stress to sensitive components and ceramic substrates.
• Low Tg for excellent low temperature cycling and performance
• Wide operating temperature range (-50°C to 100°C) for versatility.
• Excellent substrate adhesion; superior to silicones