A P T E K L A B O R A T O R I E S , I N C


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• Very low stress Silicone Adhesive
• -110°C to 260°C operating range
• Low outgassing/space grade


APTEK 2712LV-A/Bis a two component, white, very soft, thixotropic, electrically insulative, silicone adhesive displaying excellent flow temperature flexibility and unusually high physical strength properties.

APTEK 2712LV-A/Bhas been designed to fully cure at room temperature and can be accelerated with a brief low temperature cure. This 100% solids system has been manufactured with highly pure resins to minimize the occurrence of ionic contamination without outgassing during cure or service.


• Lower viscosity than the standard 2712-A/B for easier flow into small gaps and cracks.
• Very flexible/low modulus over wide temperature range to absorb stress build-up during thermal cycling.
• Convenient 1/1 PBW or PBV mix ratio for easy handling-ideal for cartridge dispensers/repair kits.
• Very good adhesion to various substrates when used in conjunction with MOMENTIVE SS4155 primer or Dow Corning’s 1200 primer.