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Premixed-frozen, highly thermally conductive (HTC), low modulus adhesive


DIS-A-PASTE 2310HTC-PMF was developed to be a closely-related analog of DIS-A-PASTE 2310-PMF, displaying higher thermal conductivity and lower CTE values, without loss of the desired characteristics of the standard product, such as low modulus, low Tg, low outgassing, electrical insulation, and excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates. Aptek has developed a unique, proprietary blend of thermally conductive fillers and has optimized filler loading to drastically increase thermal conductivity over the standard product while maintaining good handling properties and substrate wetting.


• 125% higher thermal conductivity compared to standard DIS-A-PASTE 2310-PMF – when tested side-by-side per ASTM C518. DIS-A-PASTE 2310HTC-PMF provides a more effective heat-sink and therefore cooler interface temperatures under heat generating devices/ components.
• New style rigid tapered tip included with product for easy dispensing of this highly-filled system.
• Low Tg (<-60°C) for excellent low temperature cycling and performance with minimal stress
• Excellent substrate adhesion; superior to silicones: no primer required
• Also available with various thicknesses of internal bondline spacers upon request