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Specialty Products

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Hybrid Epoxy BGA Underfill
One-component, premixed-frozen, mineral filled, electrically insulating flexible underfill. It is designed to flow underneath BGA devices via capillary action and dissipate device-generated heat. Read a client test case article.

APTEK 2711
Urethane ESD Coating
Inorganic, low outgassing, thermally radiative ESD white paint. Specially designed for very high temperature space applications.

APTEK 6103-A/B
Epoxy Encapsulant
Optoelectronic grade, reddish black encapsulant for IR LED discreets. Transparent to IR light while blocking out visible light.

APTEK 6513-A/B
Epoxy Adhesive
Two-component, semi-rigid, paste adhesive for bonding to steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, glass, ceramics, brass, and a variety of plastics. Designed to fully cure at room temperature or accelerated with moderate heat.