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Thermally & Electrically Conductive Materials

Aptek specializes in the development and manufacture of thermally and/or electrically conductive materials to meet specific application requirements of the space, military, and high-end electronic industries.

Thermally-conductive adhesives/potting compounds: As heat-generating devices become hotter and more complex, the need for thermally-conductive, heat-dissipating adhesives become more critical for successful performance. Aptek specializes in the development of thermally-conductive adhesives, potting compounds, and thermal films that provide protection and the dissipation of heat build-up to keep the devices running cooler longer. To name a few of our standard thermally conductive materials, please see the following:

DIS-A-PASTE 2000-A/B – 30 minute potlife, urethane
DIS-A-PASTE 2001-PMF – long pot-life, one-component, urethane
DIS-A-PASTE 2310-PMF – one-component, snap-cure, hybrid urethane
DIS-A-PASTE 2310HTC-PMF – higher thermal conductivity version of 2310-PMF
DAT-A-THERM 1000 – fully cured, urethane
THERMPAD 1100 – fully cured, silicone


Electrically-conductive adhesives: In order to maintain good electrical conductivity for high-end electronic applications, reliable and field-proven products are a necessity and Aptek provides a variety of excellent materials to meet these needs. A few options are listed below:

APTEK 2100SF-A/B – 15 minute potlife, urethane
APTEK 2312-PMF – long-potlife, snap-cure, hybrid urethane
APTEK 2313-PMF – long-potlife, snap-cure, hybrid epoxy
APTEK 6516-A/B – epoxy; capable of RT-cure